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Tyne and Wear HER(608): Summerhill, cist (2) with skeleton and flint knife - Details

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Summerhill, cist (2) with skeleton and flint knife



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Funerary Site



Bronze Age


On 5 August 1937 a cist was found in Summerhill sand quarry, Blaydon and excavated by G.W. Temperley, hon. secretary, Natural History Society. It was located "above the west face of the sand quarry, 50 yards south of a point on the Blaydon-Greenside road 800 yards from its junction with the Blaydon-Hexham road, at the west end of the new road bridge". It was found 18 ins below ground, and constructed of four 3 in thick sandstone slabs to form a cavity 3 feet x 2 feet 3 ins x 1 feet 9 ins deep. The coverstone (or stones) was badly broken. In the cist were the remains of an adult skeleton in a contracted position with the head at the northern end. Behind the skull of a skeleton, there was a flint knife of dark blue-grey flint some 50 mm long by 25 mm wide. The flint knife appears to have been transferred to Sunderland Museum.




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