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Ryton, Main Road, Ryton Hotel




Licensed Premises

Public House



Extant Building

Turn of 20th century large Public House of red brick with rendered gables and projecting bays. There are sash windows to the 1st floor and a deep classical cornice at the eaves. The roof is of Welsh slate with brick chimneys and there are bulls’ eyes in the gables. Modern windows have been inserted in the ground floor to the front elevation There are timber side doors with flat porches and cast iron brackets. Stone classical parchments crown the windows and bays, and the recessed porch to the main door has 4 simple columns. The west elevation has sandstone pilasters to the full height of the building and a stone architrave to the side door. There are brick outbuildings. Modern illuminated signage, floodlighting and a satellite dish have been added. MATERIALS Red brick, Welsh slate, render DATES c 1900 STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE This building is large and grandiose, with its classical detailing, and creates a bold but warm feel with its rich deep red brick and bright rendered gables. It stands at a key junction of 5 roads in the central, Lane Head, area of Ryton, and is therefore highly visible. This was an historic public house site, taking advantage of passing trade, the Joiners’ Arms having been here in the early 19th century. LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council, 1999, Conservation Area Policy Guidelines, Strategies and Character Statements, Ryton Conservation Area, pp 9-11; Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/176

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