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Tyne and Wear HER(614): Summerhill, possible cairn over cist (4) burial - Details

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Summerhill, possible cairn over cist (4) burial



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Burial Cairn


Bronze Age


On 23 November 1938 a cist burial was found on the edge of Summerhill sand quarry at a point south-east of the crossroads of the Blaydon-Greenside road and Path Head Lane, some 5 yards north-west of another cist (HER no. 611) also excavated by T.R. Goddard of the Hancock Museum. This burial differed from the neighbouring ones "in being covered by numbers of rounded water-worn stones from 6 to 12 inches in length packed in the surrounding sand and forming a roughly circular heap some 5 to 6 feet in diameter". This did not project above the ground level in 1938, and does not appear to have risen more than 18 inches above the top of the cist, but it seems possible that there had originally been a cairn over this burial.




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