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Teams, Victoria Road, methodist chapel and Sunday School



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Nonconformist Chapel

Methodist Chapel

Early Modern


Extant Building

Established in 1882. Proudly displaying the date of its erection in a large roundel, this building complex of contrasting materials makes an arresting impression on the passer-by. The heavily pedimented, gabled fa├žade of the church boldly declares its presence, liberally mixing Neo-classical elements and motifs (including decorative carved capitols and a greek inspired finial) with a rather unusual double lancet echoing gothic tracery above. The painted stone harnesses the detailing, with plainer brick panels between, although the brick is still of pleasingly varied colour. The Sunday school is linked, both physically and in terms of design, but is visually subsidiary as it is humbler in stature and plainer in detailing. The original slate roofs are still present, but unfortunately the railings are now absent from the low plinth wall to the front. MATERIALS Brick, stone, slate ARCHITECT E Jameson (Gateshead) DATES 1882 It was used as an emergency feeding centre during WWII. LOCAL LIST




2nd edition Ordnance Survey map; Gateshead Local List X20/LL/269

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