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Newcastle, Vine Lane, St. Thomas School





Church School

Early Modern


Extant Building

The school was built and owned by St. Thomas Church (HER 8897). It was run on the same principals as a National School. The school was built in 1838 and opened in June of that year. It had a ground floor schoolroom for boys and a first floor schoolroom for girls. The architect is unknown. Boys were taught reading and writing, girls reading, writing, knitting and sewing. Henry Page was the first teacher. The school could take 150 pupils. Before 1858 infant school extensions were built and separate yards for boys, girls and infants. In 1866 the ground floor school room was extended and in 1895 the infants rooms were extended and a cloakrooom built. In 1900 a play shed was built in the east yard and toilets. In 1906 two sets of cloakrooms and a second staircase to the upper floor were built. The school closed in 1937 at the end of the 90 year lease. Since 1960 the building has been unoccupied and is in deteriorating condition. The original and main range of the school building is in simple Tudor Gothic style. It is built of local snecked construction with a pitched slate roof with end chimneys. Windows on the ground floor have been enlarged from Tudor mullioned and transomed form. The first floor east gable window retains its original form. The is a small single storey extension at the east end and a two-storey extension at the west end, in sandstone with slate roofs. The extension to the ground floor school room has a gable chimney and timber ridge vent with an ornate finial. Several sections of the original high boundary wall survive. Inside there are three metal columns supporting the first floor. Some timber dado and skirting survives, along with original and secondary glazed timber screens, fireplaces, shallow cupboards and some gas light fittings. The first floor schoolroom has a Queen Post roof structure.




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