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Gosforth, Great North Road, Gosforth Stadium




Sports Site




Demolished Building

Gosforth Stadium started as Gosforth Cycling Grounds circa 1900. In 1912 rugby arrived and in 1922 Northumberland County Rugby Union made it their County Ground. Two rugby clubs also played there - Northern (until 1937) and Gosforth (until 1955). In June 1929 a 440 yard speedway track was added. In May 1932 a greyhound track took its place. Stands and terraces were built for 18,000 spectators by Totalisator Holdings. The greyhound track was sheltered by overhanging corrugated metal roofs, a feature known at only one other track, White City in Liverpool. In 1976 the company was sold to Ladbrokes. The last dog race took place in 1987. Demolished 1989. An Asda supermarket now occupies the site.


Second edition Ordnance Survey map 1890; Lynn Pearson, 2010, Played in Tyne and Wear - Charting the heritage of people at play, p 52, 115

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