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Ryton village








Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to Ryton is in Boldon Buke (1183 survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset) , where it is described as a town held at farm by the men of Ryton. There is specific reference to a mill, and an implicit one to a pound. Hatfield's 14th century Survey records some 36 messuages plus a water mill and a communal forge. It was one of the largest and most important of the bishop of Durham's villages, and the centre of a parish. In plan it was a regular 2 row plan with green. This layout is still apparent, with the east-west long axis widening into a triangle at the west end, giving access to the rectory, church and motte to the north-west, although the village core is now largely 18th-19th century.




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