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Fenham, Fenham Hall, curling pond



Water Supply and Drainage


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Shown on 25" Ordnance Survey map 1894. A photo of play in progress is held by Newcastle Local Studies. An article in Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, 31st January 1880 reads: 'Newcastle and Tyneside Curling Club - The members of this club has rather a novel and interesting game, by moonlight, on the lake at Fenham Hall, on Monday night, the match being married versus single men. The weather being all that could be wished for the game, there was some very excellent play on both sides, and the contest became very exciting towards the finish. On time being called, the bachelors were declared the victors by seven shots, the score standing: Rink 1 - single: Mr J. Thompson (skip), Mr J. Ayton, Mr W. Beattie, Mr S. Main, 15. Married: Mr J. Scott (skip), Mr J McKinlay, Mr G. Graham, Mr T. Cooper, 9. Rink 2 - single: Mr T.M. Hope, Mr J. Symington, Mr A. Prentice, Mr W. Jardine, 11. Married: Mr J. Stewart, Mr A. Gall, Mr A. Beath, Mr J. Graham, 10'.




Ordnance Survey second edition map, 1894; photo in Newcastle Libraries and Arts; 1988, Bygone Fenham, No. 9; Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, Saturday 31 January, 1880 and Saturday 29 January 1881 (copyright The British Library Board);; Newcastle Curling Club, Jubilee Banquet in The Newcastle Courant, Saturday February 25, 1893,

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