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Crawcrook, Castle Hill Farm

Castle Hill


Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site


Early Modern


Extant Building

Shown on Ordnance Survey first edition map. Castle Hill Farm was built in stages from the late 18th-early 19th century onwards but was substantially complete by the end of the 19th century. The buildings themselves are of little architectural merit but as a complex the farm can be regarded of some interest particularly the appearance and dissappearance of the gingang during the mid-late 19th century. The main group of buildings enclose a rectangular yard, opening to the road on the south. The complex includes a farmhouse, barn range, stable range, byre range, detached barn and smithy. The earliest building appeas to be the northern end of the barn range. This may date c.1800 as there are no buildings shown on a map of the area dating to 1794. The farmhouse may be of the same date. By 1841 the majority of the other buildings are present. It was a tenanted farm of Robert Surtees Esq. at this time. The buildings were recorded by The Archaeological Practice in 2006 ahead of conversion for residential development.




1st edition Ordnance Survey map; The Archaeological Practice Ltd. 2006, Castle Hill Farm, Newcastle upon Tyne, Historic Building Recording

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