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Tyne and Wear HER(6427): Newcastle, Western Avenue, Bowland Lodge - Details

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Newcastle, Western Avenue, Bowland Lodge





Semi Detached House

Early Modern


Extant Building

Shown on Ordnance Survey second edition map. Bowland Lodge is now [2004] used as a residential care home, consisting of what was originally two substantial late 19th century semi-detached houses. A large modern extension has been added. The original rear wings of the property have been altered with piecemeal alterations and additions. The main body of the property is unaltered from that depicted on a plan of 1885, which shows the proposed large additional side-wings which were added to the houses. There was a stable block to the rear. The original outbuildings have been demolished - only the eastern gable wall of a former outside toilet survives. The original low retaining wall around the edge of the terrace survives on the eastern side of the building surmounted by decorative cast-iron railings. The original garden wall survives on the east and western sides. There is decorative stonework incorporated into the western entrance to the property.




2nd edition Ordnance Survey map

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