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Tyne and Wear HER(643): Hedley open fields - Details

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Hedley open fields



Agriculture and Subsistence

Ridge and Furrow

Broad Ridge and Furrow



In 1977 Selkirk claimed a suspected Roman Fort visible as very prominent earthworks on aerial photographs, perhaps double-ditched and with a suspected 'vicus' to the north east. With some stonework visible there. The Ordnance Survey reinterpreted it as not a Roman fort but a misidentification of partly enclosed ridge and furrow. The aerial photographs show a large, irregularly-shaped enclosure, its edges well-defined and within it a long, disturbed rectangle which seems to contain a building (HER no. 642). On the east, north and west sides of this rectangle are blocks of ridge and furrow, running roughly north-south. The clearest block contains about 30 big, slightly curved ridges, but these have subsequently been ploughed out.




<< HER 643 >> Aerial Photograph, R. Selkirk, 1977, Hedley Hall, 17 November S 35, 36 -Dept. Archaeology Durham Ordnance Survey archaeological record cards, ISS, 1978, Alleged Roman fort - Rigg & Furrow & boundary banks

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