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Ravensworth Park



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Ravensworth Park appears to have been enclosed by licence granted to Sir Henry Fitzhugh c. 1391, but was earlier mentioned in a deed of 1356 when John Lumley granted Robert Umfravill "the site, demesne, park, meadows and pasture of the manor of Raueneshelme" for a term, and with the right to work a coal pit. The Ordnance Survey notes that the limits of the park, which is surprisingly intact, are made up of modern fences and other features. An early 18th century garden plan shows an avenue with two further avenues branching to the side, and Sir Henry Liddell suggested plantations and a canal and pond for the park in 1723, but whether they were ever installed is unclear. The 19th century house stood on a substantial terrace with ornamental gardens to the north west. These are still discernable, but there is little sign today of the fine arboretum shown on the Ordnance Survey map of 1898. Existing planting basically follows the 1857 Ordnance Survey. A lodge and gateway remain at the former principal entrance to the east, and the park has an attractive home farm and other vernacular buildings of interest. LOCAL LIST




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