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Newcastle, Castle Garth, Moot Hall 1




Meeting Hall

Moot Hall


Documentary Evidence

The Moot or County Hall was in use for Court of Sessions for Northumberland before 1600. It was altered between 1604 and 1625. Above the entrance at the north end of the west side of the building was a stone crest bearing the arms of England quartered within those of Scotland. By this time the building had Jacobean-style heavily mullioned windows, suggesting extensive remodelling of the medieval structure at this time. The Moot Hall continued to be used for the regular sittings of quarterly assizes and as a place "for ordering of matters relating to the County of Northumberland". Quarter Sessions Papers 1680-1715 include regular accounts for the cleaning and repair of the building and Grand Jury Room. The Half Moon Battery was possibly regarded as part of the Moot Hall at this time.




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