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Newcastle, Cowgate (Austin Chare, Manor Chare)




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Documentary Evidence

One of the minor medieval streets linking the three main routes through the town. Cowgate ran into the Pandon Dene from Pilgrim Street. First referenced in 1272-3. The upper part was later Austin Chare and later still Manor Chare. Bourne records that Manor Chare led from Pilgrim Street to Austin Friar Chare and then to the head of Broad Chare. Ward's Almshouses (HER 1238) were situated in Cowgate at the end of Mr Water's Garden. Some of the land in Cowgate was owned by the Bretheren of St Austin, which had been given to them by William Ross, Baron of Werk. He goes on to say that many eminent men lived in Cowgate such as Gilbert de Cowgate and Walter de Cowgate - men of fortune and estate.




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