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Wrekenton, Black Hill, flints




Artefact Scatter

Flint Scatter




A small number of flints were found in this area by Coupland in the 1920s and by Raistrick in the ?1930s. The kinds of flints found by Coupland certainly included waste flakes and seem also to have included a trapezoidal flint and/or blades and a microlith. Raistrick found microliths and a typical graver. Neither source states if these flints still exist, and if so where, and their grid refs are a long way apart - Wymer's (first above) is west of the Old Durham Road near the Beacon Lough Estate, and Miket's falls in a housing estate at Wrekenton, east of Black Hill.The exact location of these finds is obscure, as is their present location.




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