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Nether Dene Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Low Bridge




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Documentary Evidence

In the late 14th century a deliberate effort was made to improve east-west communications by the building of a second bridge across the Lort Burn. This was the Low Bridge (Netherdenebrig) which, with its approaches, connected Pilgrim Street with the east end of St Nicholas'. In 1394 the Actons gave the town a plot of land 26 feet long and 8 feet wide by the burn for the bridge, and a second plot 246 feet by 8.5 feet to join it to Pilgrim Street. In 1399 John de Auckland bequeathed 20s towards the work on "la Denebrig" next to the church of St Nicholas. According to Gray, Brand and Horseley, this is where Hadrian's Wall crossed the burn.




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