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Eighton, hermitage



Religious Ritual and Funerary




Documentary Evidence

In 1387 Bishop Fordham granted to Robert Lamb, hermit, an acre of waste at the north end of the vill of Eighton, next to and west of the high road leading to Gateshead and near a stream descending from the spring called Scotteswell (HER no. 5137), for a chapel and hermitage in honour of the Holy Trinity in which to serve God and pray for the bishop, his predecessors and successors. In 1463 Sir William and Thomas Lumley granted the hermitage and 2 acres to Henry and Agnes Chamer for life - "William Jakson, who formerly dwelt in the hermitage, to live without molestation in a house belonging to the hermitage and which he now inhabits". There are no other references. Medieval Eighton seems likely to be Low Eighton, and the hermitage was perhaps sited close to Longacre Dean (NZ 268 578). Scot's Well however, is some distance to the north east at NZ 2754 5832 and it could be that the chapel and hermitage were closer to this point. This area has been disturbed by the former Spring Pit and by subsequent colliery reclamation and tree planting.




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