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Sunderland, Nile Street, Quaker Burial Ground 2



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Inhumation Cemetery

Friends Burial Ground

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

When the Quakers moved their headquarters from High Street to Nile Street in 1822/3 they opened a new burying ground immediately north of the new meeting house, along the west side of the houses fronting the west side of Nile Street. This cemetery was in use between 1823 and 1856/7, when it was closed by Order in Council. The ground stretched over 530 yards, though the area used for interments was 184 feet x 34 feet. The graves were 9 feet for adults, 7 feet for children. In 1850 the Society agreed to place stones over the graves with names in full and date of death inscribed on them. From 1858 the Quakers used the Chester Road (Bishopwearmouth) Cemetery.




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