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Eighton village





Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

By a grant dated before 1128 Ranulph bishop of Durham gave his nephew Richard Hectona (Eighton), Ravensworth and Blaikeston. The description of the boundaries suggests that "the high road" (presumably Long Bank and Old Durham Road) was the eastern boundary, and hence that Eighton is perhaps represented by the modern Low Eighton. The vill seems always to have been small, and it continued to be part of the Ravensworth estate, owned by the Lumleys in the 14/15th centuries, and passing to the Liddells in the early 17th century. Surtees quotes a deed of 1608 which mentions Eighton, Over Eighton and Nether Eighton, suggesting that Eighton may have been between the modern High and Low Eighton. Team Colliery, and its reclamation have much altered this area.




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