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Lamesley village





Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference is from the early 13th century when the vill was included in a quitclaim by Robert son of Richard de Raueneswrthe to Geoffrey son of Geoffrey, his nephew. It continues, with Eighton etc., to be part of the Ravensworth estate and so does not feature in the Boldon Buke (c.1183) (a survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset) or Hatfield's Survey (c.1382). The actual location of the village and its boundaries, as well as the extent of the township are unknown. An historic map of probable 18th century date shows a north-south 2-row village on the west bank of the Team, with other buildings on the east side. Lamesley park and fields were also on the east side.




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