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Newcastle, St. Nicholas Square, grammar school




Secondary School

Grammar School



Documentary Evidence

The medieval grammar school was founded by Thomas Horsly, Mayor of Newcastle in 1525. In his will he left all his lands in Newcastle for the construction of a grammar school, which was to be free for anyone within and without the town. In 1559 the school moved from St Nicholas's Churchyard to West-spittle (into the former hospital of St Mary the Virgin HER 1502). Queen Elizabeth ordered that there should be a Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth in Newcastle, with one master. On the north aisle of the church there was a large gallery, which was for the use of the boys of the grammar school. The first Grammar school building was sited in St Nicholas churchyard from at least 1525. Known as “Halley House” probably corruption of Holy House. Churchwarden’s account mentions that the school building needed shoring in 1563. Moved into the redundant St Mary the Virgin Hospital in 1607. Old school demolished same year.




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