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Lamesley mill(s)




Water Power Production Site




Documentary Evidence

In the early 13th century Geoffrey son of Geoffrey, who already possessed a mill(1) at Lamesley, granted John son of Adam de Ravensworth a place on which to build a mill(2) on the Team north of the vill of Lamesley, and a right of way to the mill from the Lamesley-Gateshead road. In the mid 13th century Alexander Redehou granted Geoffrey the pond of his mill(1) of Lamesley upon his (Alexander's) land of Kibblesworth called Yerhau. Later in the same century there was an agreement to build a common mill in Lamesley, and another reference apparently to (2). In 1466 Dompeir and Tyrle mills were part of the marriage settlement of Bartram Lumley and his wife, and the former is included in a grant of 1480. A mill in Lameseledale in the tenure of Nicholas Turpyn was granted to Agnes Radclyff by Bertram Lumley in 1487. The sites of these mills are unknown, but the possible site of one is west of North Farm where there is a public footpath to the Team river.




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