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Newcastle, Sandhill, Beehive Inn





Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Sandhill, Beehive Inn In passage off Sandhill. Arched entrances and windows. Stone NCL 55378 Sandhill, Beehive Inn. In passage off Sandhill. Arched entrances and windows.Stone. The Beehive Inn was on the site of Derwentwater Chambers, and was owned by Sir Arthur M. Sutherland. In the early 19th century the proprietor of the building, gave the fireplace, (the mantel was said to bear the date of 1599 but the overmantel was early 17th century in date), to the Mansion House where it was set up in the oak room. When the Mansion House was dismantled it was given to the Society of Antiquaries and set up in the Castle Keep. The carving of the central panel is said to represent the apotheosis of King James I, who died in 1625. On the panel on the south side is Fortune with a horn of plenty, and on the other side a female figure holding two masks back to back. The fire surround was donated to Beamish Museum in December 1987.




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