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Newcastle, Pudding Chare, building




Post Medieval

Documentary Evidence

Pudding Chare, building Grand building in a court west off Pudding Chare. Possibly no. 69 on Oliver’s map of 1831. The building is huge, with impressive gables. Facing the court are two gables incorporated into the third floor. The left of these has a diamond design in brick above the window. Between the two gables another diamond design can be seen under the eaves. Right hand side gable has a small rectangular opening/window in its place. Entrance under this gable in the second floor. Below this on first floor is a door-length opening with a window on top half and panel beneath. Ground floor has three entrances. Small windows in first and third floors at irregular intervals and heights. Possible weather vane on end gable to the right. Adjacent building is of timber construction and two storeys. Brick, 4 storeys




NCL 37585

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