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Sellars Entry Sandgate, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Sandgate, Sellar’s Entry






Post Medieval

Documentary Evidence

Behind the beer-houses, lodging houses and shops on Sandgate there were numerous alleys, chares or entries, described by Knowles and Boyle in 1890 as 'dark' and 'dingy'.. 'crowded with the miserable dwellings of the very poor'. The keelmen colonised the Sandgate area in the eighteenth century. Bourne recorded that several thousand people, mostly those who worked on the river, lived in Sandgate and the lanes off it. Sellar's Entry lay between Nos. 7 and 8 Sandgate and contained one of the oldest buildings in the neighbourhood. Building in Sellar’s Entry: Timber, 2 storeys. Jetty beneath first floor with exposed beams. Two entrances at ground floor. Building is perpendicular to Sandgate. Two dormer gables with windows. Partial stone foundation can be seen. Adjacent building has jetty beneath first floor and two long windows on first floor. Another has a first floor entrance with stone steps.




<> Newcastle City Library Photograph Collection NCL 46424, NCL 4016, NCL 53371; W.H. Knowles and J.R. Boyle, 1890, Vestiges of Old Newcastle and Gateshead, pp 86-90; H. Bourne, 1736, The History of Newcastle upon Tyne, p 164

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