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Newcastle, Bailiffgate, pottery, animal bones etc




Animal Remains

Mammal remains



During excavations for the North Eastern Railway extension at Bailiffgate, several objects were found. They included the lower portion of a handmill, fragments of medieval and later pottery, a sword blade, snuff spoon, horn cores of animals and part of the skull of the "Bos longifrons". The bones were discovered at a depth of about 6 feet below ground level at the west end of the Baileygate. There were 11 fragments of skulls and cores of horns. Two of these were parts of the skulls of the "Bos taurus Scoticus". The bigger is a portion of the right side frontal and occipital with the horn core about adult size. The other came from a younger speciment of the same breed. The curve of the horn cores is the same as that of the Chillingham cattle. The other bones and horn cores belonged to the caprae or goats of different sizes and ages. One is a considerable portion of the skull of a small goat with the horn cores. Donated to the Society of Antiquaries by NER Co.




Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 2, IV (1889), pp 38 and 114.

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