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Ouseburn, Lime Street, No. 26




Early Modern


Extant Building

This former garage first appears on the 3rd edition (1916) Ordnance Survey, although other structures appear on the site prior to this map and parts of their fabric are likely to have been incorporated into the late 19th century/early 20th century structure. The building is of interest because of its mixture of dressed sandstone blockwork, sandstone rubble and brick, suggesting various stages of development and alterations. The earliest phases are the large blocks of sandstone which sit directly on top of the quay wall. Above this is mixed dressed and rubble sandstone. These blocks appear to form a 1-2 metres deep platform for the building. Above this is late 19th century/early 20th century brick. The south elevation is of mixed sandstone rubble which continues to the height of the large garage door. This stonework also acts as a retaining wall for the slipway. To the north a wall has been removed and a modern extension built. Two small rectangular openings are visible on the western elevation - perhaps ventilation or drainage channels. There is no information available regarding the original function of the building, however its location adjacent to the slipway (HER 5577) suggests that a function that required the slipway and associated with the Ouseburn.




The Archaeological Practice, 2004, 26 Lime Street Newcastle upon Tyne, Archaeological Assessment [HER report 2004/66]

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