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N Tyneside

Whitley Bay, Whitley Road, Victoria Inn

Whitley Bay



Licensed Premises

Public House

Early Modern


Extant Building

The Whitley Park Inn is shown at this location on the Ordnance Survey first edition map of 1860. Outbuildings are shown to the rear, which may be the mains of the 17th century malt kiln and byre of John Dove (see HER 5479). By the second edition map of 1898 it is shown as a hotel. By c.1900 it was known as the Victoria Hotel. There is surviving stone masonry abutting the rear of Whitley House. These could relate to the 17th century buildings of John Dove (his malt kiln was still visible behind Whitley House in 1893) or they could potentially be even earlier in date. They could be the oldest surviving substantial structural remains in Whitley Bay. Whitley House is now occupied by Tindle and Williamson. Inside it retains a stairway with wide handrail and barley sugar balustrade, which look 17th century in style, but could be a Victorian reproduction. Even if the building does not contain earlier fabric, it is still a well-preserved example of an early 19th century grand residence, which still retains much of its original decorative detail such as plasterwork, coving, windows etc. Recommendation - suggest for listing.




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