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Usworth, Washington Wire Rope Works




Metal Industry Site

Wire Mill

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Commenced in 1887 by R.S. Newall and Son, manufacturing wire ropes. In 1903 a draft agrrement was drawn up to lease Washington Wire Rope Works from R.S. Newall and Son Ltd to the Washington Chemical Co Ltd (HER 3056). The rope works covered two acres of land. An earlier lease in 1892 is referred to with Frederick Sirling Newall (grandson of Hugh Lee Pattinson of the Chemical Works). The schedule lists a dwelling house, offices, works , stables, railway sidings and other buildings, plant and machinery. Washington Chemical Works purchased Magnesia Cork Coverings in 1906. A lease of 1908 allows any activity for carrying on the business of cork manufacture. Magnesia Coverings becomes Newalls Insulation Co Ltd the same year. The cork plant was on the site of the wire rope works and an extension is added. Demolished by May 1979.




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