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Tyne and Wear HER(6776): West Boldon, Hylton Grove - Details

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S Tyneside

West Boldon, Hylton Grove

West Boldon


Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

Hylton Grove is recorded but not labelled on Greenwood's plan of 1820. This farm along with Elliscope and Make-Me-Rich farm are shown on the 1840 tithe plan as one holding known as the Hylton Bridge Estate owned by John Dutton. The original farmhouse at Hylton Grove was a long east/west range set back from the road, with a range running perpendicular to the west. The present building replaced this in the mid-late 19th century.




<> Ordnance Survey 1st edition map 1856; Northern Archaeological Associates, 2014, Site south of Newcastle Road (A184) and West of A19 - Archaeological Assessment; Greenwood, 1820, Map of the County Palatinate of Durham TWM D.NCP/1/7-8; Boldon Tithe Plan, 1840, DDR/EA/TTH/1/24

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