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Tyne and Wear HER(6778): Usworth, East House - Details

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Usworth, East House



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site


Early Modern


Extant Building

Recorded on 1805 estate plan by John Bell when it was owned by Major William Augustus Blakeney. The plan shows buildings arranged around the NE and SW sides of a square farmyard. On Greenwood's 1820 map it was labelled 'Usworth Red House'. By 1849 the owner of East House was William Russell and occupied by J Johnson Kirton. The house recorded in 1840 is a square building and is probably the earliest depiction of the present house. The extant building is of stone with a hipped pantile roof with substantial alterations. Majority of surrounding buildings constructed late 19th and early 20th century have since been demolished.




<> Ordnance Survey 1st edition map 1856; Northern Archaeological Associates, 2014, Site south of Newcastle Road (A184) and West of A19 - Archaeological Assessment; Bell, 1805, Plan of Usworth East House Farm (DRO D/Bo/9/35)

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