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Bath Lane/Corporation Street, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Tyne Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Early Modern


Demolished Building

The Tyne Brewery was built in Bath Lane in 1870 by the Tyne Brewing Company. In 1884 John Barras & Company of Gateshead purchased the Tyne Brewery. In order to meet the cost of removal and the provision of plant, they sold the Tyne Brewery's offices, which became St. Cuthbert's RC Grammar School (HER 6296). In 1980 the following breweries amalgamated to form The Newcastle Breweries Limitied - John Barras & Company, Tyne Brewery, Newcastle; W.H. Allison & Co, North Shields; Carr, Brothers & Carr, North Shields; Swinburne & Company, Gateshead, J.J & E.H. Allison & Co, Sunderland. In 1896 the business of John Sanderson & Sons of the Haymarket Brewery was purchased, closed and the registered offices of The Newcastle Breweries Limited built on the plot in 1900. In 1910 the company bought Forsters Bishop Middleham Brewery in Co. Durham. In 1913/14 their was a major extension to the Tyne Brewery to provide additional fermenting space and storage. In 1923 St Cuthbert's RC Grammar School was re-purchased and converted into a bottling factory to meet demand for bottled beer. In 1927 Newcastle Brown Ale was introduced. In 1931 the bottling factory was extended, the original brewery stables were demolished and a permanent cask-shed was built. In 1937/8 a new loading dock and fermenting room was added to the bottling factory. In 1939 a malt milling building was added. In 1951/2 a new fermenting room was built over existing beer cellars. In 1953/4 the Brewery purchased Lockhart's Bakery in Hindmarsh Square and derelict properies in Hill Street, Wellington Street and Heber Street for a new bottling factory. A tunnel under Bath Lane connects the Brewery with the bottling fatory. In 1955 the Brewery purchased the builder's yard and workshops of J & W Lowry and houses in Bath Lane Terrace for further expansion. Now demolished.




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