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Whickham Hermitage, garden



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Post Medieval



Within the landscaped estate of Whickham Hermitage was a two storey brick lookout tower, tennis court and boating pond. The pond was 20 x 20 yards square, 5 feet deep and brick-lined with a coating of pitch. There was a Chinese-style bridge, pagoda, boathouse and roofed gate. The gardens have fallen into disrepair - the lake is dried up and only the foundations of the buildings survive - but in 2004 a local group of volunteers started restoring the garden. The lake will be reinstalled as a wildlife pond. The watchtower will be rebuilt as a wildlife hide and tool store. A restored boathouse will double as an office, greenhouse and storage area. A new pagoda will serve as a picture gallery. Gateshead Council have offered the Garden Committee a ten year tenancy. LOCAL LIST




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