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Newcastle, Falconar's Ct, Offices of Newcastle Daily Journal




Commercial Office

Newspaper Office

Early Modern


Extant Building

Architect's plans survive for this building, dated 1869. This was to be the "New Offices for Proprietors of the Newcastle Daily Journal". There is datestone of 1870 on the balustrade. The building has a small cellar along the street frontage. An extension was added in 1889 and a boiler house in 1903. A 500 gallon petrol tank and pump was installed in the east corner of the garage area in 1925. The Newcastle Journal had begun publication in May 1832 initially as a weekly paper, but from 1861, a daily. They had offices at 69 Pilgrim Street. In 1867 the Journal found itself in financial difficulties, with the owners ending up in the Bankruptcy Court. By March 1867 the newspaper had been taken over by William Forster, of Alnwick and William Alder Dunn. They had an office on Grey Street. In August 1867 the Northern Counties Conservative Newspaper Co Ltd was formed, and it took over the newspaper under the chairmanship of Nathaniel George Clayton. It is believed that Clayton had a house and land in this area, and that the new newspaper offices were built on his garden.




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