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Tyne and Wear HER(7069): Kenton, blast-protected electricity substation - Details

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Kenton, blast-protected electricity substation




Electricity Production Site

Electricity Sub Station



Documentary Evidence

Electricity substation built in 1940. A single-storey flat-roofed brick structure surrounded by a windowless brick-fronted concrete blast wall. The blast wall is of reinforced concrete with red-brick facing which appears to be in Flemish bond. It encloses an area measuring 14.22m x 16.26m. The wall is around 3.3m high and 0.80m thick, topped with thin concrete coping. It it entered by double-width openings in the north and south walls topped with a reinforced concrete lintel. The interior walls of the substation are faced with ceramic tiles. The building measures 5.38m high, 9.08m by 12.8m. The north elevation of the substation a has a pair of tall double doors with overlights either side of a central long rectangular window. The south facing elevation has a tall double door with overlight towards its eastern end with a pair of central rectangular windows. The roof is of shallow hipped construction.




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