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Heworth, Nether, village





Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

Both Heworths are mentioned in Henry II's confirmation of their property to the prior and convent of Durham, and both are regularly listed in the bursar's accounts as paying tithes to Jarrow. A 14th century rental lists 15 named tenants in Nether Heworth, one of whom was a miller, also the smith of the vill and the messor. They held 16 tofts and 2 cottages. In 1424 there were 12 cotmen. In the early 19th century Heworth was arranged on 3 sides of a triangle through which passed the road from Jarrow to join the road from Felling to Boldon. Degradation of the village plan began with the railway, and today the great roundabout covers the western half of the village, and the church is quite cut off. Only the 18th century hall is a visible marker of the south-east quarter of Nether Heworth.




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