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Heworth, Upper, village





Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

Both Heworths are mentioned in Henry II's confirmation of the property to the prior and convent of Durham, and both are regularly listed in the bursar's accounts as paying tithes to Jarrow. A 14th century rental lists 23 named tenants in Upper Heworth, two of whom were millers and one a reeve. They held 11 tofts and 10 cottages. In 1424 there were 12 bondage holdings, and in 1539 the village was held by 4 men, a half, a quarter, and 2 sharing a quarter. In 1580 there were 8 tenements held between 4, and some evidence of developing industry with 2 quarries. The 1st edition Ordnance Survey map appears to show a settlement reduced to 2 farms and a public house lying at the junction of High Heworth Lane and the road (now Albion Street) from Windy Nook.




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