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Wardley moated site





Manor House




Wardley is not included in Henry II's confirmation of the prior and convent's estates so the usual inference is that it was carved later out of one or more of the surrounding townships. The manor was certainly in existence by 1264 when the prior built camera, hall and chapel there. Other structures noted in the medieval accounts include kitchen, grange, bovaria, byre, stable, henhouse, herringhouse, farina, dovecot and a bridge, presumably over the moat. For much of the 14th century it was in hand and used for the monks' recreation; but thereafter it was leased or granted out, sometimes to retired priors. Remains of the moat are visible on the south and south-east; the east side was illegally filled in in the 1970s and has been relocated by excavation. The northern two-thirds are obscured by various industrial activities. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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