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Birtley, Birtley Lane, Masonic Hall




Meeting Hall

Freemasons Hall



Extant Building

The design of the building is defensive and forbidding – giving a fortress-like military impression reminiscent of the ominous political climate of the time when it was built. As such it is very distinctive and makes an important contribution to the varied patchwork of architecture and spaces that together create the special character of the Birtley Conservation Area. The building is a 2 storey masonic hall with Art Deco influences. It is constructed in red brick with artstone detailing. The roof is slated and there are several brick chimneys with chamfered bases and cornice detail to the tops. The windows have been replaced with plastic ones – largely retaining their regularity to the front elevation, but with rather haphazard fenestration to the sides. To the principal (eastern) elevation is a grand, keep-like single-storey entrance with strong castellation and protruding door surround with a date plaque above. This is echoed to the 1st floor of the main building behind in a geometric stepped plaque directly above. There is quite a brutal addition to the northern end. An attractive stone boundary wall remains, which has historic significance. Dates 1936 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List

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