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N Tyneside

Monkseaton village








Documentary Evidence

The earliest known reference is from between 1106 and 1116, the date of Henry I's grant to Tynemouth Priory of Graffard's lordship, which included Seton, later to be renamed Monkseaton. It was a substantial village, the late 13th century custumal listing 15 bondsmen, 10 cotmen and 3 freeholds, and though it suffered severely at the time of the Black Death it recovered. There were 10 tenants in husbandry in 1539. The common fields were not enclosed until the third quarter of the 17th century. It appears as a very compact settlement on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, with several farms (5+) in the village. Its original shape is uncertain, but may have comprised 2 rows and a northern extension, or 2 rows with a triangular green, later built over. Back lanes were still clear at that time. Today the street plan largely survives, but most buildings were replaced this century. Remnants of stone walls survive, however, with a farm in the centre of the south side.




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