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Tyne and Wear HER(7438): Deckham, Cross Street, No. 12, Cross House Hotel - Details

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Deckham, Cross Street, No. 12, Cross House Hotel




Licensed Premises

Public House



Extant Building

DESCRIPTION / STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE This lively early 20th century pub, replacing an earlier pub of the same name, employs a variety of materials to present a cheerful, idiosyncratic face to a street scene lacking much else in the way of historic interest(?). Red brick, and faience adorned with swags, combine with the Welsh slate roof and green glazed tiles(?) to create an animated composition, curved at the western end to make the most of the narrow, sloping and visually prominent corner site. Design details are skilfully used, including arched openings, punctuated with key blocks, varying in width to accentuate the distinctive site, as well as creating visual interplay between the interior and exterior. The building retains virtually all of its original detailing, including timber windows and doors(?), jovial ball finials to a broad parapet dormer, and playful ‘butterfly’ ridge tiles. Even the original signage, which formed part of the architectural scheme, has been cared for, with any new signage and illumination added discreetly to the side. The rooflight, too, is traditionally styled. Overall the pub is a successful representative of a period of eclectic architectural styles, which allowed for adventurous and inventive combinations of detailing, and makes a fine contribution to the distinguished collection of public house architecture in the borough. MATERIALS Red brick, faience, timber, slate, terracotta LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List Fact Sheet X20/LL/058

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