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N Tyneside

East Holywell, cropmark

East Holywell




Rectilinear Enclosure



Aerial photos show cropmarks in the field south-east of Holywell Grange Farm, north-east of the onetime East Holywell pit. George Jobey, whose note of 15/2/66 survives on photo NZ/3173/E , dismissed them thus: "The site is almost certainly a 2nd World War gun-post". An alternative view suggests that it is: "...a rectilinear, single- ditched enclosure, measuring c. 81 x 71 m....(with) an entrance in the centre of the southern side...two dark sub-circular marks may mark... sunken yards. These could flank a central causeway...". Its identification as an Iron Age or Romano-British rectilinear farmstead is supported by the existence, at the farm, of several milling-stones of the appropriate period.




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