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Tyne and Wear HER(745): East Holywell, enclosure - Details

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N Tyneside

East Holywell, enclosure

East Holywell




Rectilinear Enclosure



Complex cropmarks of possible Iron Age and/or Roman date are visible on air photos taken on two different dates. The identified features include a large curvilinear enclosure, a rectilinear enclosure, hut circles, internal enclosures and divisions and large hollows. These features are located to the south-west of Holywell Grange Farm.




<< HER 745 >> Aerial Photograph, N. McCord,1961, Sept, G/022478/17, 18, 28, 42-4 -Museum of Antiquities Aerial Photograph, T. Gates, 1978, 18 Aug, SF/1365/2 -Museum of Antiquities Aerial Photograph, North Tyneside MBC Technical Serv., 1980, 18 Oct, Run 2 no. 38 Aerial Photograph, RCHME, RAF, 1954, F21.82/RAF/1008 - 1.9.54 - frames 0274-0275 Archaeological Assessments Heritage Site and Landscape Surveys Ltd. 1992, The Proposed Open Cast Site at Fenwick's Close Farm... p. 15, no. 39(1); Alison Deegan, 2018, South East Northumberland Air Photo and Lidar Mapping Project; Aerial Photograph, T. Gates, 1992, NZ 3173/15, TMG 13976/89; TMG 13976/78 29-JUL-1992; TMG 15966/22 29-JUL-1994

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