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N Tyneside

Backworth village (East Backworth)








Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference, with other villages, seems to be in a grant by Henry II (1154-89) to Tynemouth Priory, and in 1189 two Backworths are mentioned. In 1292 Backworth was classed as possessing one of the priory's 10 manors, and yet - in 1296 - both Backworths were small, each having only 4 taxpayers. In 1377 there were 10 assorted tenants, sharing 5 cottages, 1 bondage holding and some land, and by 1539 the 10 were all copyhold tenants, with identical holdings. By 1650 the land to the north of the village had been divided up. The 19th century plans show an east-west 2-row village, with 2+ farms on the edge of the street, but a gap on the south side in front of the gardens of the 18th century Backworth Hall. Stone buildings still define the early village core, but beyond them mining has changed the village's surroundings.




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