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Ryton, Hexham Old Road, Rose Lodge






Early Modern


Extant Building

STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE Originally the lodge to Ryton Cemetery, a key part of its importance is the group value that has been retained within the cemetery, including also its chapel, walls and railings, which are also locally listed. Beautifully constructed in rusticated sandstone with nicely dressed quoins and window surrounds, it features a slightly ironically lively central porch with incised bargeboards and fine finial. When it was constructed, the Welsh slate roof was given great consideration in terms of aesthetic detail, as the still extant gambrel shape was accentuated by wonderfully detailed cast iron finials (now lost) and a somewhat eccentric central chimney topped by 2 large pots. There was also a smaller chimney to the side, which is no longer present. The building has unfortunately been extended to the west, so that the originally symmetrical elevation has been altered, but its essential character is still quite evident. It is unclear whether the segmentally arched window in the western gable was in the original gable and has been moved, or whether it is a new feature introduced in the extension. Certainly, the other window apertures are simply rectangular, housing one over one timber sashes (accurate replications if not actually original). The water tabling and kneeler detail to the gable was introduced with the extension. Overall, it is a charming country lodge in keeping with the rustic character of the area, and the modest scale of this particular cemetery. MATERIALS Sandstone, slate, timber, cast iron ARCHITECT Poss. Joseph Lish? BUILDER John Jefferson Salter & William Lishman DATES 1884 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION On 12 NOV 1883 (P80) the surveyor suggests an alteration to the back premises of the cemetery lodge including an additional WC, which is agreed to. The surveyor is ordered to continue the water pipe up to cemetery lodge, and it is also requested that the gas company lay on gas. Later, on 13 OCT 1884 (P164) the surveyor is authorised to get a door fixed in the porch at the back entrance of the cemetery lodge, and also to get the chimneys altered to stop them smoking! The research assistance of Caroline Harrop is gratefully acknowledged. LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List Fact Sheet X20/LL/120; Tyne and Wear Archives UD.RY/1/3 (committee minutes)

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