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N Tyneside

Preston village








Documentary Evidence

Preston...was confirmed by Henry I to the prior and convent of Tynemouth not later than 1116.... In 1294 the bondage land was divided into 7.5 holdings, and there were also 5 freeholders and 9 cottagers. The hallgarth lay at the east end of the village, but its precise site had been forgotten by the 16th century. The common fields were not enclosed until 1649. The 1st edition Ordnance Survey map shows an east-west 2-row village, perhaps once with a green, lying across the junction of 2 roads coming from the south - to the east Preston Road (later made into a bypass on the east side of the old village), and to the west Hawkeys Lane/Walton Avenue/North Road, which originally continued north towards Earsdon as Preston North Road. There were probably still farms in Front Street in the mid 19th century.




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