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Tyne and Wear HER(7526): Low Fell, Kells Lane, Nos. 137-147 - Details

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Low Fell, Kells Lane, Nos. 137-147

Low Fell



Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Extant Building

This characterful 2 storey terrace was originally known as Kells Place. Cottages were present on a map of 1820, and these are likely to have been the same buildings. The 5 buildings are very varied and vernacular in character, with an assortment of proportions and simple, homely detail. They are in coursed stonework dressed to different qualities, with substantial cills and lintels, and some substantial quoins. The degree of variation suggests that the terrace was developed piecemeal during the early 19th century, rather than as a whole. The roofs are of Welsh slate, and the windows have mow been mostly altered. They are of significant importance as some of the earliest stone dwellings on the fell – exhibiting the pleasing simple, robust appearance and weathered colouring that only buildings of this time and once wild location and can convey. MATERIALS Sandstone, Welsh slate, timber DATES Cottages on site 1820 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/150; Historic Buildings Survey Report 1982

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