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Team Valley, Kingsway North, l139 (Tyneside Safety Glass Co)

Team Valley



Industrial Building



Extant Building

The factories on the Team Valley were designed to be ‘straight-line’ in character, and were constructed of standard cement-brick on light steel frames, with flat, clerestorey roofs, and additional light provided by plentiful side windows. This building is one of the original larger factories designed for the TVTE and the one that seems best preserved in terms of its design and appearance. Although visually modest it represents an important phase in the industrial and social history of the region as well as in functional architecture. This building is of buff brick, with a higher 2 storey central section and 2 lower flanking wings. The metal windows, characteristic of the industrial architecture of the time, are still present in places, although the central portion unfortunately sports plastic replacements. A large yellow sign has been introduced, the line of which has been continued with a broad band of bright yellow paint, which interferes somewhat with the basic, utilitarian design. MATERIALS Buff cement-brick, metal, concrete DATES c1940 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/158; WH Bevan, 1976, The Team Valley Industrial Estate

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