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Tyne and Wear HER(7580): Low Fell, Saltwell Road South, Harewood House - Details

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Low Fell, Saltwell Road South, Harewood House

Low Fell





Early Modern


Extant Building

This sophisticated dwelling with appealing detailing was designed as part of a group of 4 pairs (which also included 9 & 11 Station Rd) oriented westwards towards the then scenic Team Valley. The quality of design and fine workmanship are characteristic of the buildings of William Lister Newcombe, who was active in the Low Fell area around this time (1874) and designed Underfell the following year. Common characteristics include decoratively punched bargeboards with neat finials to feature gables, gracefully tall chimneys and bold snecked stonework. Monumental stone bays give an impression of permanence, and solid stone staircases through attractive terraced gardens give access to the houses on the principal elevation, away from the road. Other notable details include hood mouldings and a recessed pediment-style moulded detail above the door. The settings of the buildings make a key contribution to their interest, boasting large gardens with mature trees and landscaping. These are special, well-built houses, which exemplify the great development phase of Low Fell, emanating the desire for superior quality, private houses in an idyllic rural location. MATERIALS Sandstone, timber, slate ARCHITECT William Lister Newcombe DATES 1874 (plans) LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List X20/LL/211; TWAS CB.GA/BC/plan/1874/53

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