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Rowlands Gill, Station Road, Station House

Rowlands Gill





Early Modern


Extant Building

DESCRIPTION / STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE This 3 storey house was originally the station master’s house for Rowlands Gill Railway Station, and as such was one of the earliest buildings in Rowlands Gill. The local pale brick has a pleasing, warm, textured appearance, detailed with sandstone cills and attractive arched timber sash windows. These echo the 9-arch viaduct not far along the valley, which was built for the same railway line, and an oculus light adds to the curvaceous theme. The multi-plane roof is of Welsh slate with an unusual form consisting of a shallow-pitched hipped roof to the top with more steeply pitched single-plane eaves to north and south, decorated with brick chimneys. The western gable features a large square timber bay housing gently arched timber sashes, and crowned with a slated gable roof on simple timber brackets. The western portion has clearly been rebuilt and extended, although some original walling remains, and a white-painted timber lean-to style conservatory has been added, to the north elevation, supported on a brick plinth. Whilst ensuring that they are obviously new, attempts have been made to make these alterations and additions in sensitive design and materials. Therefore they do not detract significantly from the original eastern part of the building whose form is clearly apparent. The importance of the building lies in its historic connection to the now defunct railway, such a key instrument in the development of the area. It is also of architectural interest, with elegant proportions, and the use of a lovely warm, but pale, textured brick., and the distinctive roof form is also attractive. MATERIALS Pale brick, slate, timber DATES 1867 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List Fact Sheet X20/LL/252

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