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Stella, Stella Hall Drive, Stella Hall Lodge





Early Modern


Extant Building

STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE This little sandstone lodge stands at the former entrance to Stella Hall – a grand Elizabethan mansion, which had been later altered, and was finally demolished in 1953. It is an important element of the remaining estate (also on the Local List), along with the Summerhouse, bath house, boundary walls, and the wider landscape. The original entrance was a little to the south (as shown on an 18th century map), and had a gatehouse, depicted with a square plan. The present lodge is situated approximately in the north east corner of the park wall, and must have been built when the entrance was changed to come from the north rather than the eastern road. This is likely to have been during the early to mid 19th century – perhaps contemporary with the advent of the Cowens to the estate in 1850, who may have desired an entrance closer to the staith. It certainly appears to be stylistically later than the simpler Stella Hall cottage (the former gardener’s house). The lodge is loosely “Tudorbethan” in style, perhaps to tie in with the design of the original house, as originally it had stone mullioned windows with diamond leaded panes. However, the elements of the design are rather eclectic, with a solid gabled porch featuring mini gable detail to the kneelers and apex, and squared voussoirs to the moulded, arched entrance. The fine, erect stone chimneys have distinctive battlement detail (also seen at Chowdene Lodge, though on a grander scale). It is a great pity that the a significant part of the character of the building has been lost by the removal, not only of the leaded lights, but also the stone mullions, to be replaced with highly inappropriate plastic windows with fake glazing bars. The replacement of the graduated slate roof with slates of even size has had less of an impact. The reinstatement of the mullions and leaded lights is a high priority for the future. Nevertheless, the dwelling is of importance to the estate, and makes a meaningful contribution to its group value and the historical development of the site. MATERIALS Sandstone, slate DATES c1850 LOCAL LIST




Gateshead Council Local List Fact Sheet X20/LL/253

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